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Ювелир Fochtmann

One of the most noble shopping streets in the world and definitely the most magnificent in Germany. And at the same time, the street, which has preserved the unique tradition of the city of Munich, and therefore an integral part of German history and culture.

In this full of life and energy place beats the heart of a creative factory for the production of jewelry Fochtmann. Shop and workshop of the company with a century of tradition, situated right in the middle of the street Maximilianstrasse in Munich. Through the arched window jewelry studio at her eyes cast jewelry master and control, so imbued with the tradition of the city of Munich and its international culture.

With passion and skill here in the heart of Munich, made jewelry that delight their new owners for their impeccable quality of this family-owned business with more than 150-year-old jewelry tradition. In conversation
Werner Fochtmann emphasizes that precious stones, gold and everything exquisite natural materials is his desire and vocation. Purpose Fochtmann - exquisite design, superb jewelry art and future-continuity please the buyer and guess his desires.

This is a very important factor in assessing the quality of the jewelry shop of the city of Munich. Fochtmann stays true to the origins of artisanal craftsmanship and decoration makes only one-off and small exclusive collections.

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